I. Participation in classes

1. Applying to participate in the classes is equivalent to acceptance and adherence to the GDSF Regulations and consent to the use and processing of the participants’ personal information by the Federation for administrative purposes in accordance with the applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data and image used for informational, promotional and marketing purposes.

2. Application to participate in the classes is done through filling out the registration form (PDF).

3. In the case of participants who are not of legal age, the Regulations shall apply to their legal guardians.

4. Application participate in selected classes in the scheduled time is done with the trainer / instructor or GDSF employee by filling out a registration form, confirming the applicant’s identity with a personal identification document and paying the first month’s membership fee in the amount specified by the Federation’s Board.

5. Failure to pay the membership fee for the subsequent month is equivalent to resignation from participation in the classes.

6. In the event of inability to continue the classes, participants are obliged to notify the trainer / instructor of this fact.

7. In the case of closed groups, only individuals who have received the permission of the trainer / instructor leading the group may participate in classes.

8. If any individuals disturb the order of classes, interfere with the classes or violate the Regulations in any other manner, GDSF has the right to delete such individuals from the class participation list and prohibit them from entering in the classes.

9. During classes only participants, trainers / instructors and Federation employees may be present in the hall. Individuals not participating in classes (parents, close family, acquaintances) are not allowed to be present in the hall during classes. This provision does not apply to specifically designated classes prepared for guests of the participants.

10. It is prohibited to record image and sound during the classes, unless the trainer / instructor expressly allows it.

11.The dates of individual classes are agreed upon individually. A cancellation or schedule change may take place no later than 24h prior to the scheduled class time.


II. Organization of classes

1. A participant should be present 10 minutes prior to the beginning of classes in order to prepare for the lessons.

2. In case of emergency, GDSF has the right to organize trainer substitution without the requirement to notify participants of the change.

3. GDSF has the right to cancel classes, change the date and time of classes once or permanently, if organizational changes require it. Participants shall be notified of any planned changes during classes or via telephone, text message or e-mail.

4. In the event of an insufficient number of people in a group, GDSF has the right to close a group, cancel the classes once or merge the group with another.

5. It is prohibited to remain in the hall during the trainer’s / instructor’s absence without their permission.

6. During classes participants must strictly adhere to the instructions of the trainer / instructor.

7. The participant is obliged to change their footwear and bring appropriate clothing specified by the trainer / instructor.

8. GDSF has the right to refuse participation in classes to individuals under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other abusive substances.


III. Sports rivalry and representation of GDSF

1. Athletes associated with the Gibraltar Dance Sport Federation GDSF have the right and obligation to represent the federation with dignity on the domestic and international arena through participation in tournaments, exhibitions, trainings, camps, congresses, etc.

2. An individual’s participation in tournaments, exhibitions, trainings, camps, congresses, etc. in the chosen discipline may take place only with the permission and knowledge of trainers in charge of their classes and the GDSF

3. Athletes representing the Gibraltar Dance Sport Federation GDSF cannot simultaneously represent, participate in, conduct classes and promote other Federations in the same discipline.


IV. Safety

1. It is recommended to individually take out Personal Accident Insurance. GDSF does not accept liability for accidents which occur without fault of the Federation.

2. It is forbidden to bring heals and hot beverages to the dance halls.

3. Class participants are obliged to follow the regulations of halls and sports facilities, Health and Safety and fire safety regulations in accordance with separate instructions, as well as maintain order and cleanliness.

4. Class participants are obliged to respect the property of the club and Federation and repair any damage caused as a result of improper use.

5. Persons awaiting the beginning of classes should stay in areas designated for that purpose.

6. It is prohibited to smoke tobacco, consume alcohol and take narcotics or other abusive substances at the sports facilities.

7. It is prohibited to bring animals, bicycles or items which may pose a hazard to other persons to the sports facilities.


V. Payments

1. Classes may be attended only by individuals who have paid their membership fee in the amount and according to terms specified by the GDSF Board.

2. Membership fees shall be paid at the final classes of the preceding month / stage (pass).

3. Membership fees are non-refundable, particularly after classes have taken place, regardless of the number of classes an individual has taken part in.

4. Membership fees may be, in exceptional situations, postponed at the request of participants.


VI. General provisions

1. Participants shall be notified of changes to these regulations. Non-acceptance of changes to the regulations is equivalent to resignation from participating in GDSF classes.

2. In exceptional circumstances which do not allow for adherence to the GDSF Regulations, there is a possibility of deviation from the Regulations’ provisions following Federation Board’s acceptance.