Social Dance – Have ever looked with amazement and envy on the pairs dancing on the dance floor or liked a boy or a girl and wished to dance with them, but didn’t have the courage and confidence of your own abilities? Have you ever dreamt about beautiful, passionate dancing and the priceless, envious looks of your friends?

If so, then our ballroom dance course for pairs is just for you!

Participation in our class, taught according to our own programme which was developed based on the World Dance Programme, our knowledge and experience gained during dance teacher conferences, training courses, lectures, dancing competitions and shows, will easily enable anyone to grasp all the dance knowledge and skills.

Our own ballroom dance class programme includes standard and Latin American dances in their ballroom form; by learning them you will feel comfortable and enjoy yourself on every ball, disco, wedding or other dancing event.

You can freely pursue your interests, hobbies and master your talent in a nice, friendly atmosphere under the watchful eyes of Cezar & Katerina – professional dancers, teachers and pedagogues. This will enable you to gain many benefits for your body and soul.